Big girl boots.

There it is: real life staring me in the face. Recently graduated, working as a server, partying all summer, with no idea what to do this year. When the school year ended and I made no progress in applying to graduate schools, I decided that it was best to take a year off. Honestly, I know what I want to do in life. I can see my future so clearly. It just happens to be the path to get me there that’s daunting.

I’ve also caught on to the fact that I am young. Incredibly young. There are a million places I want to see, a hundred things I want to try and so much living I want to do before I am forced in to my routine life (albeit, I do still want that routine eventually). So I did what I never thought I would do: I signed up for a TESL course. Oh, the horrors…

You see, teaching has never been my thing. I’ve dabbled in tutoring throughout high school, university and even earlier this summer. Sometimes it’s great. Most of the time though, I get way too frustrated and want to run away from my pupils. But I signed up anyway. I’m hoping this course will actually teach me how to cooperate with my students instead of being bogged down by everything surrounding them. Maybe I’ll hate it once it’s over and won’t even go overseas to teach. But it’s an option

I’ve opened myself up to a lot of new experiences this summer that have me rethinking myself and my options in life. The simple fact I’ve discovered is that I love to explore. Whether it is exploring cities or people or neighbourhoods or industries… I just want to discover the world. Getting TESL certified gives me the option to explore. So here I am in my big girl boots trudging through the murky water hoping the other side is clear as day!



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