I’m a procrastinator. Always have been, always will be. In high school when I had assignments due, I would be up until 3am in the morning working away. Through university, I’d pull all nighters studying for finals and writing 12-page papers. Now that I’m taking a doctorate, you’d think I would have learned from my past mistakes. Not so much.

There’s something to be said about productivity though. This week I came home from Ireland with an assignment due mid-week, small scale research to analyse and an impending exam upon my return. Lots to do in terms of college with a hundred friends to see and appointments with doctors, dentists and hairdressers. So what am I doing?

I’m being productive. My days are scheduled out with coffees, dinners, appointments and time at the library. I wake up at a decent hour, head to the library or Starbucks for a few hours, work on my assignments and then meet my friends or go to my appointments. And even though it sucks to be doing coursework when I feel like I should be spending my short 8 days hanging out with friends and family, it’s working.

The thing is, I’m so used to procrastinating that it feels strange to be able to look over a paper a hundred over the course of three days. It also feels weird to sit in the library working instead of going for brunch and the mall. But it also feels good. It feels like I’m learning to prioritise. It feels adult.

So yes, working while at home sucks. But so does failing an assignment or rushing to do the work while jet-lagged. So I’m being productive. And I’m feeling good about it.


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