Flying home.

In the fifth attempt to write this post, I figure I’ll just let the words flow and ignore my ineloquence.

Traveling for ten weeks through Western Europe is a crazy thought. Traveling during high season is an even more crazy thought. Yet here I am, heading home on the first of September having just done so.

I always told myself I would travel once I graduated university. It would be for me. I’ve always yearned to explore new cultures and places and seek the “self discovery” that every traveller talks about. Booking this trip made it all possible.

Coming home ten weeks later, I’ve recognized many things. The biggest of these things however, is just how ridiculously lucky I am. My family supported me the entire way – encouraging me to find new places, praising my blog posts and giving me advice along the way. They made sure I was safe at each check point, that I was getting my future sorted out (doing school stuff on the road is rough) and that I was healthy and happy.

I’m also incredibly lucky in finding a friend who was able to take this trip with me. In fact, I’m lucky to have such a wonderful friend who I could travel with for ten weeks without wanting to kill each other. Being in someone else’s pocket for so long can be overwhelming and daunting but, we have stayed great friends. Not many people can say that.

I’ve also come to recognize that traveling really does help you learn about yourself. I’m a much more patient person than I ever thought. I’m also more level-headed than I knew. Not only that but, I always felt a sort of wanderlust in my life without ever having travelled much. Now I know without a doubt that it’s my nature to want to explore. I love everything about travel – from discovering an incredible local restaurant down to the nitty, gritty 16 hour trains with no toilet paper or seats.

It’s hard to describe how wonderful the last ten weeks of my life have been. I’ve been physically and mentally exhausted but, also physically and mentally challenged and uplifted. I feel like I know myself more and that I’ve fulfilled a dream I was never sure would really happen.

As we begin to land, I am thankful and I am tired and I am excited. New things are coming and they are both scary and incredible. But if I can take on the hot Mediterranean summer in 37 degree heat and a train that breaks down with no ventilation, I think I can handle anything 😉

So get at me, world. I’m ready.

M xx


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