A place to show you. 

This is a place I want to show you.

I want you to walk through the open market in Zagreb and encounter all the smells of fresh fruit and strong cheeses. I want you to marvel at the gardens the same way I did. I want you to experience the main squares with bars, cafés and giant screens that tell you the temperature and time. I want you to listen to the chatter of a hundred languages in one city.

I want to find the sea with you in sunny Split. I want to show you just how clear the water really is. I want to shock you with the cold water against your burning skin. I want you to taste the salt and come out of the water to see it on your skin.

I want to watch the boats from the pebbled beach and show you the mountains and hills around us. I want to tread water next to you just staring at the incredible city surrounding us.

I want to show this place to you.


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