Aussie, Aussie, Aus…tria. 

Vienna and Salzburg, my loves. Austria was just one of those countries where we had limited time but I fell in love anyway. With one full day in Vienna and one full day in Salzburg, we made some tough calls on what to do and what didn’t seem worthwhile.

In Vienna, we headed to Stephansplatz. Shopping, expensive shopping and a big ol’ church – what’s new, Europe? That’s not to say I wasn’t enamoured by the cathedral. Tiled roofs and really old architecture get me going, after all.

Look at that roof…

We popped in to Chanel, pretending we could afford the incredible jewellery and sunglasses. Minor setback of half a day at Longchamp where Lauren finally got the bag she’s been dreaming about for three years. Got lost trying to find a market and ended up in front of Belvedere Palace where people were practicing Tai Chi and having picnics.

Found the market lying in the middle of a main road like a road medium. Restaurants and cafés, clothing stalls, fresh juices and market produce. In hindsight, I should have whipped out the camera.

We then decided last minute to head to Puchberg am Schneeberg, one of the highest mountain peaks near Vienna. Despite it being part of the lower Austrian alps, it still seemed enormous to us. We sat for a while to just admire the view, then took a million photos:

Enraptured by Schneeberg.


When we headed to Salzburg, we never could have imagined the alps being so close. Entering a city surrounded by alps covered in dense trees was like coming in to Narnia.

We decided to head to Mount Untersberg with our one day because we are skipping Switzerland, and the next best thing is the Austrian Alps to us. The nine minute ride up the cable car gives you these breathtaking views of Grodig and you can see for miles around you.

At the top, there are restaurants if you choose to just hang out or more hiking trails if you care to venture further. We chose the latter. After 30 minutes of sliding down rocky slopes and climbing up mini step ladders, we reached a high point where we felt at eye level with all the alps surrounding us.

When you’re 1779 metres up, everything shifts. You feel smaller, the air feels fresher, the birds swoop closer and your heart feels fuller. It may sound cheesy but, sitting out there staring at the giants around you make you realize just how insignificant you are in this world, and how sometimes that’s okay.

Despite missing out on the Sound of Music sites, it still felt like we got to see Austria. I wouldn’t change it for the world. And I can’t wait to return so I can feel so small again, in the best possible way.


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