A 7 hour train journey. 

For the most part I listen to my music and read. Sometimes I sleep. This journey is no different. I read Paper Towns for the fifth time and remain enraptured by Margo Roth Spiegelman and her need to disappear. 

Occasionally I glance out the window. Reading on the bright screen of an iPad hurts my eyes after a few hours. I see mountains on either side of me, impossibly tall trees protecting the jagged rock like a blanket. 

Suddenly we are barreling away at 200 km/h away from the mountains and I see the most majestic view. I am traveling backwards. In my line of vision, the mountains tower like walls. 

The peaks are hardly visible through the rain and fog but the silhouettes are almost more beautiful. I stare in awe. The mountains have torn me from the world of Margo and Q, and my forgotten ideas are left behind with the protection of the mountain walls we passed through moments ago. 


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