The old country, 

as my Hungarian monkey always calls it. What I really mean is Budapest.

Oh Budapest, how I love you so! Sometimes you go to a new place and feel no emotion. The sites are nice, the people are wonderful and the culture is fantastic but it just doesn’t speak to you. Budapest though… I immediately fell in love.

What a city Budapest is. The hustle and bustle of a big city with tourist attractions but, also a hub of culture and country life. Maybe it comes from the merging of Buda and Pest where you get more of the old country feel from the Buda side with the city life on the Pest side.

Staying on the Pest side, we got to see the incredible St. Stephen’s Basilica, climb the dome tower and get the most incredible views of Pest. We got to walk along the Danube promenade and find the little princess. We found the big shopping street and the market hall that was straight Hungarian culture hitting you in the face.

It was just a little windy up on St. Stephen’s Basilica’s dome

We crossed the famous Chain Bridge and hiked the thirty minutes up the Gellért Hill to the Citadella. Although extremely winded, when you get to the highest point in Buda, the breathe you can’t catch stalls again because you’re looking out at this:

We figured that since we were already on the Buda side, we should go to the Buda Castle, Matthias church and the Fisherman’s Bastion. Bless this city for keeping these masterpieces alive. I have never in my life seen something as incredible as the Matthias church. The entire interior is frescoes and murals from the vaulted ceilings down to the bottom of each column holding it up. The intricacy of the designs are impossible to capture in photos, as are the minute details in the faces of painted angels and saints. But we tried.

Ceiling to floor hand-painting…

Then you walk in to a fairy tale at the Fisherman’s Bastion. Seven towers that came straight out of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty all along a short wall. It’s like a grand sand castle in front of your eyes built to last. If I’m being honest, I thought pretty hard about how hard it would be to get wedding photos there.

Fisherman’s Bastion from thr fifth tower

Obviously with our last night we decided to check out a ruin bar. Though not my favourite scene, the establishment itself was beyond cool. Stairs and hallways leading to all kind of different rooms with varying music. Some for dancing, others with arcade games, and a central room on the main floor just to hang about and chat. The bar had a strong animal motif going on with a projection of a raccoon in one room, a long line of bunny figurines floating across the ceiling and creatures stencilled on every wall.

Mostly though, I loved waking up to the noise of cars honking, the tram running and people yelling. Looking out the window and seeing a city full of life. Budapest will forever remain in my heart. And we will be reunited.


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