Seaside sensation and a touch of Dutch.

Brighton, my dear, how you make me smile. Pebble beaches, world famous pier, the lanes (unf) and so many interesting characters. 

Despite the fact that our hostel was abysmal (to say the least), the city is as cute as cute can be. Happening upon sunny days in England can be difficult but we were lucky enough. Sitting on the pebble beach with a couple of beers just people-watching and soaking up the sun was so relaxing. 


Then you take a walk down the Lanes and see all the ridiculously expensive stores you couldn’t even fathom affording. But the North Laine is where you want to go: quirky little shops with vintage clothing, record stores and  all the handmade jewellery stalls you could ask for. There are a million and one coffee shops, a beautiful loose leaf tea shop and an incredible number of people milling around. 

(We got a little preoccupied window shopping and somehow didn’t manage any photos – oops!)

If I were to suggest Brighton, I’d say to just take a day trip out to see the Lanes and the beach and pier. Nevertheless, we had a splendid few days in the sun! 

I’m currently sat at a cafĂ© in Delft, Holland and we’ve had the most incredible time walking around this tiny town. When we arrived, there was a festival going on in the Markt Square (apparently the Dutch dislike vowels?) and there were people singing, drumming and dancing all over. Yesterday we found out there was a free music festival in Den Haag so we hopped on the train and spent the day listening to some Dutch pop. 

Now we’re off to Utrecht where we’ll be making day trips out to the Dam. 

So keep reading, lovers. 


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