Anglophile life.

Unf, London. Majestic architecture, rich history, Royals and many, many museums. 

The last few days in this city have only made me love London more – though I may have changed my views on living here on a permanent basis (the tourist thing is a lot). Regardless, this city is brimming with culture and I could spend every holiday here. 

We didn’t manage it hit too many spots but our first day out but we got to walk by Buckingham Palace (no guards on duty though… Someone explain their schedule to me?), stop by Westminster Abbey (15 minutes too late for visiting) and see Parliament and the River Thames. Nearby we spotted Big Ben and the iconic London Eye. Pretty standard first day but very enjoyable walking around the city. 


When in London…

Today was a mix of good and bad… To start, we went through Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is incredible. We bought a London Pass so we bypassed the long ticket line. The audio guide for Westminster is very intuitive and extremely informative. Walking through the Abbey, I was in complete shock. From the sheer number of burial memorials to the huge names of individuals buried (I’m looking at you Isaac Newton, Jane Austen and Charles Darwin), and the ridiculously intricate and very expensive architecture, the whole place is awe-inspiring. Highly recommend. (Unfortunately, no photography was allowed so you’ll just have to go see it yourselves!) 

We then got on our River Thames cruise and though it was only meant to take 30 minutes, it took an hour. The cruise was great – getting to see the London landmarks and bridges up close to get some awesome photos – but we ended up being too late to enter the Tower of London which we were really looking forward to. 

Nevertheless, the day was fun. We got to explore and it ended with some rain but I feel like that’s a British right of passage 😉 Today we’re headed to Bath which is very exciting – I can’t wait to see the old Roman baths!

If you are around the area and know of anywhere cool to go in Bath or Brighton (next stop) – do share!


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