Here Comes the Sun. 

I’m a lucky lucky girl as I’m en route to Orlando at this very moment! Actually, I’m sat at gate 74 in the Montréal airport waiting for my connecting flight but nevertheless, I’m on my way! Since I have some time to kill and didn’t get around to posting this before leaving, I thought I would share my packing list with you all.

Now since Orlando is significantly warmer than Toronto at the current moment, I had to do a bit of digging to find appropriate clothing. Eventually I got around to finding it all though so here we go. Starting with my toiletries:

As I have eczema, I don’t like to chance using cleansers and moisturizers from hotel stock so I’ve brought along my CeraVe face cleanser and my day and night facial moisturizers. For body moisturizer, I have my trusty bottle of Eucerin Complete Repair which contains ceramide-3, essential in any moisturizer for those with eczema. I also have with me a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo, just in case. Obviously I wasn’t leaving the house without my Rusk flat iron – both excellent at hair straightening and environmentally friendly. 

When it came to make up, I decided to go with my Rimmel BB Cream and translucent Stay Matte powder as they won’t melt off my face but, will keep me looking non-shiny instead. I also brought along my essential Stila liquid liner and Maybelline Great Lash mascara. Let’s not also forget the incredible Shu Umera eyelash curler, made for Asian eyes, truly. Last but not least, one must bring a good deodorant when traveling to warm climates so I threw my Degree LBD deodorant in my bag, too. 

As always, I will be wearing my gorgeous tortoise ceramic Fossil wristwatch and my onyx Pandora bracelet. I also put some last minute accessories in my bag: one long necklace and a few shorter ones (not pictured).

Moving forward to clothes:

I figured one purse would be good enough just to have my wallet and lip balm with me so, I opted for my cognac H&M cross body bag that goes with virtually everything. As we will be staying at a resort with a pool, bringing sandals was essential so I went for my well-worn American Eagle strappys. They always stay put on my feet and are super comfortable. For my day-to-day shoes, I brought my beloved white high top Converse All Stars.

It never hurts to bring a jacket, even when temperatures are meant to be in the mid to high twenties so I have my Paradise Mine black jean jacket. I also figured a pair of jeans wouldn’t hurt so my black high-waisted Rag & Bone jeans are in my luggage. A comfy pair of TNA chambrays and Zara Trafaluc jean shorts are easily interchangeable with different shirts so in they went!

I opted for simple colour blocks so I can mix and match so I have with me the Wilfred Free capuccine short-sleeve in burgundy, Community tee in royal blue, Wilfred Free v-neck pocket tee in Everest, Wilfred Free 3/4 sleeve baseball tee in grey and white and a long sleeve Topshop crop top in oatmeal. I also have two Talula cropped tank tops in dark grey and black and white stripes. 

I also figured a romper would be great for the poolside so I brought my floral H&M number. Lastly for clothes, a simple Urban Outfitters floral shift dress for a hotter day. At the last minute, I also decided to bring a nicer dress in case we go out so I tossed in my Talula black bodycon dress with lace paneling on the back (not pictured).

I’ve got with me a simple black bra, a nude one and the Talula lace bralette for days I don’t care to wear a real bra. 

Last but not least, since this is a vacation in great weather, I brought two bikinis – probably overkill. Both tops are from Pink and cost me way too much money but are super cute. The purple galaxy bikini bottom is from Bluenotes last season and the black side-tie bottoms are just a cheap pair from Walmart. 

And that’s it! As for my carry on, I just made sure to have my headphones, camera, iPad and chargers along with an empty water bottle and of course, my passport to get me across the border.

What would your bring if you were traveling to hotter climates?



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