Well, here we go. I have officially begun planning a trip through Europe that will last longer than 2 weeks. In fact, I’m looking more at 2-3 months, assuming I can scrounge up the cash! Narrowing down the places to go, I’ve come up with a list of about 15 countries. Although I’ve been to some countries before, it was never long enough to satisfy my need to understand the culture so I’m hoping this trip will help me out.

The easy part was picking countries, the next bit is going to be tough. I still don’t know if I want to start as far east as possible and move westward so I’m closest to home on the last leg of my trip. If I start on the west end however, I can always loop around. In terms of transportation though, I’m almost certain I’ll purchase a continuous global Eurail pass. I’m definitely going to go for overnight trains when possible. Living will be exclusively in hostels and, if I can swing it in more expensive countries, couchsurfing!

The worst bit is going to be planning a loose path to follow. I know it won’t be set in cement only because I’m sure I will like some countries more than others and want to spend some extra time in those locations. Countries like France and Germany are also a fair bit larger than somewhere like Austria.

All in all, I feel confident in my first steps and I’m hoping to get this sorted by March. If I can get a cheap plane ticket to Europe during high season because I booked it early, I will be over the moon! So here’s to planning for the next few months and hopefully getting out of Canada by June!

Oh and any suggestions for places to go or things to see would be awesome (:



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