Jacks on John.

I consider myself a lucky person. As a baby, I was lucky to get adopted by a family that can take care of me. Growing up, I was lucky to always have what I needed. As a student, I have always been lucky to have wonderful teachers and a great educational system. In sickness, I have been lucky to have people supporting me and doctors that take care of me. That last one is what this is really about.

For the past two months, I have been sick. Not just the “I have a sore throat and runny nose” kind of sick but, the kind of sick where the doctors don’t really know what’s wrong with you so they run a bunch of tests and procedures to try to find out. And as a result, I was off work for over a month. Recently, I have been trying to get back to it (despite still being sick). This week however, has sucked – for lack of a better word. Very rarely does my food stay down, I wake up throwing up stomach acid and my chest pain worsens at night. Yet, I am lucky because, despite all the pain and suffering, I’ve been supported. Especially at work.

My managers have been nothing short of understanding, supportive, kind and caring. I never get the feeling that they resent me for calling in sick. I don’t get yelled at or reprimanded or ever hear a sigh of frustration. Instead, I am told to take care of myself and to feel better and to let them know when things will work for me. When I do manage to go in for a shift, I am welcomed back with hugs and smiles and plenty of “I missed you!”s and “I’m so glad you’re feeling better!” The people at my job are incredible. I’ve never encountered management like this or people like this that fully support me in my time of need. So I am lucky. Ridiculously lucky. And I thought you ought to know.


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