Diving in.

Life update time! Grab a cup of tea and carry on reading about my little piece of the world.

So, I have officially been hired as a server at Jack Astor’s and let me tell you one thing: I am scared. Mostly because I have almost zero serving experience. Secondly because the amazing managers hired me knowing I have almost zero experience. This means I have more of a learning curve and that I am diving in to something nearly completely new. 

As it is, I like routine. I like doing jobs that I know I’m good at. Things like tutoring and working with kids is easy for me. Working directly under the head of a department on mini-projects is easy for me. Sitting at a computer or filing or organizing or answering telephones is easy for me. Planning a fundraiser is easy for me. Remembering orders, working a POS system and being friendly at all times… not necessarily difficult but, challenging. 

Not to say I’m not excited about the opportunity because I enjoy talking to people and making sure they have a good night. Plus I love recommending food and handling food and seeing people be happy eating (does this make me weird?). It’s still something new to me though and new means scary in Michelle world. Anyway, I’ve heard that Jack’s has a pretty solid training system, the managers seem so nice and everyone I’ve met so far is uber friendly. It also helps that my bestie is also a new server (albeit with years of experience). 

Well, Tuesday is orientation day and soon enough I’ll be a real-life working server in the busy Entertainment District. Wish me luck! 

Peace and love.


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