The thing about shopping.

Today, instead of packing, I went shopping. Counterintuitive? Yes. Why? Well, when moving house, you tend to try not to accumulate more stuff before the big move. I, on the other hand, accumulated some more clothes. Granted, they will all go in big garbage bags anyway but it’s still more stuff. I digress. Towards the end of my shopping trip with my friends, one of them noted that men’s shoes are much cheaper than women’s shoes. My other friend then accurately stated that it is because men need more of an incentive to make a purchase.

Incentive. What a word. Indeed, in our culture, it seems embedded in most female’s minds that shopping is a fun and exciting social activity. In the minds of most men however, shopping is a tedious chore whereby they are dragged around a large mall for a couple of hours and forced to carry their partner’s bags. It’s funny how our society is shaped.

Marketing is a huge part of the shopping industry. Companies market to their products to the right consumers and voilà! Money in the bank. I’m speculating but, the clever scheme of pricing men’s merchandise cheaper than women’s is definitely a scheme to make men spend their money. As women, we are willing to spend more because something is just “too pretty”or “too cute” to let go or because it is trendy and we need to keep up and look our best compared to other women (that’s a whole other story). Most men don’t feel this obligation when it comes to shopping for clothes.

I know this is a very large generalisation about a small population of people in the world. Other countries or even other cultures within my own beautiful country may not subscribe to such gender norms. I simply thought what my friend said was interesting. Men need an incentive to swipe their credit cards: cheaper prices.


Keep an eye out for a shopping haul post coming soon! Happy Spring shopping, boys and girls.


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