It seems like every year there is something new. Whether it is planking or the short-lived owling, these ridiculous behaviours have become a social media phenomena that need to be thrown out. The latest craze is what kids are calling neknomination. From what I know, this originated in Australia and consists of an individual being nominated by a friend to chug an alcoholic beverage and perform a stunt like jumping off a bridge. They, in turn, nominate other individuals to perform the challenge in the next 24 hours.

As we well know, this craze is not only irresponsible and a form of peer pressure but it is evidently dangerous. There have been numerous deaths associated with the challenge. This isn’t simply a factoid post though. It turns out that kids I went to high school with who are now old enough to be drinking are participating in this game. I have seen multiple videos on my Facebook wall where they begin by thanking their nominator and then proceed to participate in the challenge. Unfortunately, these are individuals who I believed to be more intelligent than this. It’s disheartening to see a craze like neknomination take hold in youngsters. In fact, I have lost respect for all of these individuals.

Neknomination is not a sport. It is not a challenge to defeat. It is not “just for fun”. It is a dangerous craze that will inevitably disappear from the limelight in the next few weeks or month. To all the people who are being nominated or who are nominating others, keep in mind how irresponsible and dangerous this all is. Lastly, if you are nominated, maybe try to turn it around like the people below have. Doing good deeds is far more challenging in this day and age than downing a beer anyway.

Brent Lindeque
Libby Landenberg
Adam Daniel


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