Let’s be frank.

Last night I had the overwhelming urge to talk to many people. To tell them all the things they shouldn’t hear. All the reasons we stopped talking or how I feel about them or the things about them that make me cringe. In one moment, it hit me that I just wanted to be honest and truthful and have candid conversations with them all. Life doesn’t work like that, though. If you suddenly decide to be frank with someone, it leads to long, hurtful, emotional conversations. The kinds of conversation that everybody seeks to avoid.

As humans we conceal our feelings. When we are annoyed, we ignore a person for a day or two and then get over it. When we are upset, we wallow in our own self-pity and power through the feelings. When we are angry, we yell and then seek solace in our stuffed animals and bed sheets. It is hard to be powerfully honest in a world like ours where perfection is everything.

I envy those that are candid. Although they might be called bitchy or rude, I envy them. I’ve spent a lot of time concealing my feelings and sometimes I feel the need to let go. I feel the need to spew out all the words that haven’t been said. I know that won’t happen though. It’s just not in my nature to be so frank.


One thought on “Let’s be frank.

  1. Hi Michelle, I came across your blog in my reading today. I can relate to the struggle you are going through with being true to yourself and your emotions, yet living in a world where perfection is critical. I want to encourage you to continue on your journey towards becoming an authentic person. The world needs more honest and authentic people; otherwise, it will never change for the better! More and more people are having this same struggle as the world around them gets farther and farther away from their individual place of peace. We are all creators of who we are. We all gain access to community with others by creating ourselves to be who we love and accept. I have written a book listed with Amazon Kindle entitled: Becoming Human. I believe that as you read one person’s journey of creating a personal identity that she loves and is comfortable with; you will be encouraged and confirmed through your own journey. Feel free to follow my blog called Reia’s World. It is a portal for positive, social change. One thing that I have realized when people make overhauls in their lives and who they are is this: many friends will become strangers and many strangers will become friends. Be encouraged in this fact for there are many out there destined to walk with you!

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