21 Things I’ve Learned By The Ripe Old Age of 21

  1. You will inevitably have terrible days. Days that make you hate the entire world. Don’t define your life by these days.
  2. Meeting people can be a daunting experience. Do it anyway.
  3. Try not to take yourself or others too seriously. Go along with the jokes. Make a joke. 
  4. School will make you want to blow yourself up. All you can do is make the best of it and get through.
  5. Smile. Every single day.
  6. Turn off your phone. Whether it be for one day or for a week, turn it off. Don’t feel like you need to be connected all the time.
  7. Discover the one thing that will get you through any emotion. A best friend, music, journaling, adventuring. 
  8. Passions change. You might think you love one thing and the next day, you may not. Even more important, you can have multiple passions. Embrace them all.
  9. Find time to appreciate the warmth of your bed in the early morning.
  10. Write letters. Handwritten letters bare your soul and work like therapy. They don’t even have to be sent. Just write them.
  11. Black will always look good. It is timeless. Why do you think the Little Black Dress never goes out of style?
  12. Save some money, take time off and go on an adventure at least once in your life. It will make you a better person.
  13. Face your fears head on. Touch that spider, pet a snake, get a flu shot, isolate yourself. You can do almost anything in this world.
  14. Indulge in food. Eat that extra piece of cheesecake. Enjoy that last cookie. Go mad at the buffet table. Just do it in moderation.
  15. Don’t ever be ashamed of something you like. There is a reason you like it and I bet there are others in the world that like it, too.
  16. Never post anything you wouldn’t want your mother/your father/the Pope/the Queen to see on the internet.
  17. Learn to drive in the snow. It will save your life and countless others.
  18. Red lipstick will spruce up any outfit.
  19. Brush your teeth twice a day. Nobody likes bad breath.
  20. Do your best to never use the word hate. It is a powerful word.
  21. Dare to do something insane. Daily, weekly, just once in your entire life. Start a company, try to meet the President of the United States, bungee jump, eat crickets, whatever it may be. Dare to do it.

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