Festive spirit.

Dearest friends,

It is that time of year again where everybody starts scrambling to decorate and purchase all the best things in town. Now, I personally LOVE Christmas. Most years we go home to Edmonton to see family. Snow begins to fall. All the cute winter accessories come out. Hot chocolate is everyone’s best friend. Holiday drinks at your favourite local coffee shop are of seemingly endless supply (my personal favourite is the peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks). We finally get a break from school – the best thing about winter holidays for a university student like me. In the festive spirit, my sister and I even decided to purchase and decorate our own little tree (:


As much as I love the holiday season though, there is always one problem: finding presents for those few people in your life that never tell you what they want and make you completely draw a blank. For me, it is always my parents. Particularly my dad. He’s a quiet guy who just enjoys putting his feet up with an array of nuts to read the paper or a novel. Finding gifts for him thus becomes the worst thing ever. Especially at this point where I seem to have exhausted all options. In the past, my sister and I have purchased him ties for work, shirts, sweaters, jackets, gloves… all the clothes, you name it. I got him an iPod one year as a gift as he travels a fair bit and we even got him Bose noise-cancelling headphones that he wanted for the longest time but couldn’t bring himself to purchase. The typical gifts of books and his favourite comics have been done. So now, once again, I am stuck! My father doesn’t really have hobbies so this is getting difficult. I’ve now got officially 21 days to get him something spectacular. And it has to be spectacular because my dad is the best. Yes, the best.

This is where I plead for your help, dear reader. Leave me a comment with some ideas and inspiration! I will forever be in your debt if you suggest something that suits my needs.

Cheers xx

PS. To all of you finishing your last few weeks of school or getting ready for finals, good luck and power through! You are all so close. Happy holidays!


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