Midnight Memories

Now that Midnight Memories has officially been released, I can feel confident writing this review! Yes, I know it seems ridiculous that a 21 year-old likes One Direction. Based on their debut album (Up All Night) and even the previous one (Take Me Home) they have been defined as a teeny-bopper pop boyband. This album is going to change things for them, though.

Midnight Memories is infused with real instruments – guitars are extremely prominent – and an all-out indie-rock feel. Not to say there aren’t a few pop tunes (see Best Song Ever, which by unhappy coincidence is not the best song ever) however, altogether I would call this a step towards a complete rock album. As a music junkie, I absolutely rock, whether it is alternative, indie, classic, soft rock… I love it all. The Beatles, The Who, Nirvana, Mumford and Sons, Travis… they’re all amazing.

The tunes on Midnight Memories borrow from a lot of the boys favourite artists so there’s no surprise that we hear tracks reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, The Who and even OneRepublic (the boys did, in fact, co-write a tune with Ryan Tedder).

Younger fans might have problems adjusting to the new sound but, maybe it’ll give them a good music education. As a 90’s kid, I’ll admit I grew up on pop music like Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. Yet, I also found my father listening to Louis Armstrong, Tchaikovsky and The Beatles. I’d like to think that One Direction is exposing their younger fans to a sound that combines both the pop that they know and love with a newer rock sound that they might not used to hearing.

Not only has this album matured but, the boys seem to have decided that Liam and Harry aren’t the only singers in the band (cue cheering by the Louis, Niall and Zayn girls!). For the first time, we hear Louis and Niall with lead solos. Zayn is given a chance to sing more throaty solos while still emphasizing his incredible ability to hit the high notes flawlessly. They’ve chosen the perfect parts for the boys voices whether it is Niall’s smoothness, Louis’ heartbreaking crooning, Harry’s raspy belt, Zayn’s ability to hold a high note or Liam’s soft falsetto.

So if you’re still reading and you have never been a One Direction fan, here is a suggestion: take a listen to Through The Dark, Strong or Story of My Life (which you’ve probably already heard). Three minutes of your life won’t kill you. You’ll understand what I mean by mature and growth. You will fall in love. Just like I have.

If this is any indication of what the future of One Direction looks like, I am happy to call myself a fan. These boys are making history and this album is going to be a turning point, I guarantee it.

Since I know you’ll want to, here‘s the link to buy it off iTunes.

Happy Monday! xx


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