This evening I saw something magical. Now I am sure this sort of thing happens a lot all over the place but, for someone who is very quickly losing faith in humanity it was a glimpse of goodness. Today I saw a teenage girl buy a homeless man a meal from McDonald’s. He was quietly sat upon the curb with his hands out and a cardboard sign, as homeless people usually are. When she handed him the bag of what was very likely his dinner and maybe even his only meal of the day, he looked up at her and kindly said thank you. She ran away quite quickly but I stopped for a moment to observe. This man quickly tore open the bag to find a burger and some large fries. Not the healthiest of meals but, at least it’s food, right? He picked up the burger. I expected him to unwrap it and eat it right away. Yet he didn’t. Instead he held the food in his hands and bowed his head. To pray.

I not only found myself smiling as I walked away because of this stranger’s kindness but, also because this man who had literally been kicked to the curb (by God only knows what) took the time to give thanks. Despite the world and despite life being cruel to him, he was still giving thanks.

Cheers to the girl who bought this man a meal tonight. And cheers to this man for remembering that there are still things to be thankful for. I am going to bed smiling tonight.


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