Loving him was RED.

The RED tour is spectacular. It is entertaining. It is flawless. It is every positive word in the book.

The only con for me was that Ed’s set was only 40 minutes long. After having experienced his headlining show, it was hard to only see him perform a few of his more popular songs. He was however, utterly flawless as always and incredibly humble and cute.


Also his version of Feeling Good (originally Nina Simone, popularized by Michael Bublé) was sexy beyond hell. He has also apparently added another verse to You Need Me and experiencing the 12 minute version again was an absolute pleasure.


Taylor was, of course, the cutest human being ever. Her faces and her stories and her dancing is all so endearing.



It’s hard to believe that she is only 22 and is selling out a 45,000-person arena two nights in a row!



One of the best parts of the night? Taylor being carried through the crowd and being three feet away from me. Literally. I nearly died.


Bring on a duet with Ed Sheeran and things only get better. She also did an acoustic version of Highway Don’t Care on her own on the B-stage. Flawless.


Oh and 11 costume changes? She is actually amazing.


ImageMy favourite moment was probably when she sang All Too Well accompanying herself on piano. I knew this moment was coming (blog spoilers) and the performance actually brought me to tears. You can tell how passionate she is about her songwriting and how all her songs actually tell her stories.

ImageShe even managed to get in a few throwback songs (take a guess at this one!) 


Then Taylor came out in one of my absolute favourite ensembles to sing one of my favourite tracks on the album, Treacherous.

ImageNever one to end on a quiet note, she belted We Are Never Getting Back Together for the finale with funfetti and tons of fireworks (which set off the smoke alarms as we were herded out of the stadium)! Cue That Girl is on Fire.

ImageIt was an absolutely amazing evening with my best friends and two of my many favourite artists. After writing this I’m feeling a bit of the post-concert blues but nevertheless, it was a show I will never forget and I have tons of photos to look back on!

Cheers! xx


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