Moving is stressful.

I think moving is in one of the top 10 most stressful life events, from what I’ve learned in my psych classes anyway. Let me tell you, it is. As much as I am super excited to be moving in with my sister, the process is all kinds of tiresome. 

A) Buying furniture is such a hassle. Probably because I get picky about it and only want black furniture, along with the fact that I am trying to find the cheapest stuff possible. 
B) Moving furniture is even worse. It’s all already built (i.e. my bed and my clothing rack) and that means taking it apart only to have to put it all back together again.
C) Logistics are no fun. When can we pick up our keys? When is the elevator booked for us to move in? How long will be need the uHaul (trust me, we need it)? Will there even be enough space for everything we own (this could turn out to be a major problem)? 
D) I have stuff at home, I have stuff at the current place I’m living. I’m bringing stuff from both places. Not just clothes though. Furniture. Like chairs. And tables. The uHaul is being rented from where I’m currently living though.
E) Trying to figure out what stuff is actually mine in the house I’m living in now. Kitchen ware is a problem. Are the pots mine or my roommates’? What about the plates and the cutlery? All I know is the grill and coffee machine are mine. 
F) Food. Kill me now. So much unfinished food. 

Basically, I believe you Dr. Morgan. Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. And guess what? As university students, we do it every single year. What a hassle.


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