True beauty.

By now we’ve probably all seen the Dove true beauty campaign making its way across social media. It may be cliché of me to blog about it but I’m going to anyway.

This makes me smile. Really and truly makes me smile. It also makes me cry a little bit. Why? Because there is a raw truth showing us how we perceive ourselves as women and how wrong we are.

I will be the first to admit that I will never wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think “I look good today.” I will never appreciate everything about my face, my hair, my body or how I look in a dress or a shirt or anything. There will always be some flaw: acne, extra fat from last night’s nachos, unruly eyebrows, split ends… something.

As girls, we are never happy with ourselves. I honestly cannot think of one girl who doesn’t have insecurities about how she looks (correct me if I’m wrong). And this campaign addresses all of those insecurities. Yet it turns it around in the most beautiful way and shows us that we are our own harshest critics.

Others do not focus on the little flaws that we notice – crow’s feet, big forehead, small eyes, no upper lip – whatever it may be. Others see us as more beautiful versions of ourselves; they see us as we truly are. Yet we can’t see ourselves this way. It’s heartbreaking to think about. If we only changed our perception of ourselves, we might be happier with ourselves.

So ladies (and gentlemen, because we know you have insecurities, too), let’s learn to see ourselves how others see us. Perception is a funny thing and we need to learn a little bit about our cognitive distortions.



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