Would you look at that? Finally, a post about productivity and not procastination! Today has been a good day study-wise and lab-work-wise. I’m pretty sure I have effectively used all my time today. Maybe the upcoming finals are starting to freak me out, who knows.

Woke up this morning promptly at 9am (give me a break, it’s Sunday) and showered, made breakfast. Was out of the house within the hour and sat at Starbucks with the laptop open to go over notes and do some online pre-tests to test my knowledge by 10am. Made some flash cards for chapters that I was having problems with and am now starting my lab work. 

I have to say, I’m pretty dang proud of myself. A) I never wake up before 11 on a Sunday unless I have somewhere to be. B) I haven’t spent time on tumblr, Facebook, twitter or any other distracting website in the 5 hours that I’ve been sat here. C) I feel much more knowledgeable about these topics. D) I only have one more school to look through for my lab research.

It has been successful, my friends. Now back to the grind before dinner with the parentals. Hope your day has been equally as successful!


2 thoughts on “Productivity.

  1. I always tied productivity to the idea of consistency 🙂 keep it up and results will come efficiently and quickly, don’t become a victim of the human condition and procrastinate :-p.

    Haha anyways, cool blog!

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