Dear Mother Nature, go home.

I would give a big explanation but if you follow my blog, you know that I’m a shopaholic. So here are the latest purchases:

First and foremost, I bought myself a cheeky little retro skateboard! Looks a bit like a penny board but obviously not as great quality and slightly larger. The penny board is something like 22″ and mine is 27″ but I can’t ride to begin with so it’s still proving to be quite difficult. She doesn’t have a name yet but I still love her. Isn’t she gorgeous?


Next up, my sister made a big order of e.l.f. makeup and I asked her to get this for me. My lips tend to get quite dry and chapped in the winter and are in some serious need of help so here’s hoping this little baby does just the trick. It’s an exfoliating balm.ImageImageAnd last but never least, I had a cheeky little peek in Zara the other day and ended up coming out with some cute pieces for Spring/Summer. The shorts are super super comfy with pretty little embellishments (especially love the button!). They’re not quite high-waisted but a higher rise. I think they’d be really cute paired with one of the two tops I bought. The tops are breezy with cute little rolled sleeves and these wicked graphics that I just couldn’t say no to! Summer, please come faster.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWhat purchases are you making for the summer?


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