My first LWD.

If you don’t know what LWD stands for, it means Late Withdrawal after Drop Date.  This is the first and (hopefully) the last time this will ever happen.

Let me break it down for you: History of the French Language. Quiz 1 – just passed. Quiz 2 – failed.  Midterm – failed.  Research paper – fared quite well to be honest.  Participation – let’s not even talk about this.  Final – worth 20% of my grade.

In the grand scheme of things, I could have passed the course.  Passed being the operative word because a pass does not mean a good grade.  A pass means just hitting that 50 and getting the credit.  In order for me to get a 2.3 in this course (we’re on a 4.0 GPA scale), I needed a 70 on my final.  Proceed to attempt to do the calculations to figure out just how badly I failed my two tests and how horrible my participation mark was.

Thus, here I am sitting studying for the second of two finals that should have been scheduled for tomorrow (one of which was this LWD course at 10am).  LWD submitted earlier this afternoon, weight off my shoulders.  Well… okay, not that simple.  

I’m reaching into a mixed bag of emotions right now – trepidation, fear, relief, anxiety, happiness.  Probably a multitude more that I just can’t pinpoint.  There’s the side of me that is worrying about having an LWD on my transcript and another side of me being really relieved that I don’t have to try to pull a 70 just to get a bad grade.  There’s also the part of me that doesn’t even want to think about what this means for next year.  If you guessed correctly, you guessed that I have to take the course again next year.  Cue the tears.  

As my big sister says though, it’s worth it to take it again and know exactly how the course is laid out and how the prof is going to test me and all the material, get a fantastic grade and explain the LWD to grad school.  It’s not worth it to have a horrid grade.

So, procastination over.  LWD is done and there’s nothing I can do about it.  Off to study for Business French now.


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