The great chocolate egg debate.

Upon entering Walmart this evening, I was taken aback by the staggering amount of Easter merchandise.  It was only after a moment of drooling over chocolate that I realised that we live in a consumer-driven society and thus, any occasion is an occasion for product sales.  In my humble opinion, Cadbury’s Mini Eggs may be the greatest seller during this time.  Well, here I am saying it loud and clear for the entirety of the interweb to see: I am calling bullshit on Mini Eggs. Eggies are better.


Sue me.  Here’s the thing though:

  1. Eggies don’t have that impossible-to-bite-through outer shell.  Oh they have a shell, trust me.  It is simply easy to bite through without stabbing your gums (we all know this has happened to us before).
  2. Eggies have Hershey’s chocolate.  Don’t get me wrong, Cadbury chocolate is great.  Hershey’s chocolate however is Hershey’s.  There’s no contesting that.  Many will not agree and will argue that Cadbury is better but I do not care.  I am officially pronouncing myself a Hershey girl at heart (they make the Cookies n’ Creme bar, come on!)
  3. Eggies don’t have the weird speckled look.  Yes, I am aware that real bird eggs have these speckles but I’m not eating bird eggs, am I?  No.  I am consuming a deliciously unhealthy chocolate snack that should not resemble any animal or animal covering of any sort.
  4. Eggies’ bags are much more Easter friendly.  They’re baby blue.  Mini Eggs bags are deep purple (in Canada, anyway).  Yes, purple is an Easter colour.  We all know however that colours are perceived on a spectrum and Easter purple leans more towards the lavender end of the spectrum.
    You’ve got it all wrong, Cadbury.  Sorry to tell ya, but royal purple ain’t no Easter colour, not in my opinion.

So there you have it.  Eggies trump Mini Eggs.  At least in my books.


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