Spring is here.

It’s that time of year again!  Shops are bringing out their Spring and Summer lines of clothing.  So what does this mean for the fashion forward and clothing addicted?  Breezy tees, chiffon shirts, tanks, crop tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, Toms, Keds, Converse, sandals, and of course Easter themed nail varnish.  This change also means sales galore for Winter leftovers.  If you’re savvy, you’ll stock up for next year.  Either that or you’ll be blinded by the beauty of Spring and Summer clothing and disregard the Winter sale items all together.

Unfortunately, just because clothing shops are releasing their warm weather lines, it does not mean that Mother Nature is following suit.  Quite the opposite here in bloody freezing Canada, actually.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s no igloo over here.  We’ve actually seen temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius as of late.  This however doesn’t mean we’re anywhere near Spring.  In fact, if we go to the trust Weather Network and look at the 14-day trend for Toronto, we can still see that on Wednesday, we’re meant to get wet snow.  Wet snow?!  Seriously?  

Nevertheless, I am very excited about Spring and Summer and just to show you how excited, I will now share some purchases I’ve made that are very weather inappropriate at the moment.  Happy shopping to all of you just like me who want to embrace warm weather while it’s slated to snow in the coming days!


ImageCropped pattern bustier top, Sirens – thought this might be cute paired with:ImageDisco shorts, Sirens


ImageGeometric patterned chiffon tank button-up with back cut-out, Urban Behaviour – this was on the sale rack and turned out to be quite large so I’ve decided to pair it with a belt and turn it into a dress for warmer days.

ImageSkull embellished skinny belt, Urban Behaviour


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