wanderlust – a strong desire to travel

When I first heard this word, it immediately made me think that people who experience wanderlust are running away.  Perhaps they experienced a broken heart, rejection from their family, a sense of lost identity.  What ever it was, I believed that wanderlust wasn’t about travelling but about getting away.  So in the past few years, whenever I experienced this wanderlust I thought I had a reason to run away.  I analyzed every bit of my life and said to myself that those were the reasons I wanted to travel.  I wanted to get a glimpse of what it is like to forget about all those things, to not be reminded of it all, to not have to answer to those memories and thoughts.

It has just recently dawned on me how wrong I have been.  Wanderlust isn’t about running away from the bad.  It’s about experiencing something new.  Regardless of what you are leaving behind for the time being, wanderlust implies that you want to see and experience something new.

I want to see different people and different culture and different street lights and different buildings… different everything.  I have this incredible desire to discover and to venture out into a new world.  I want to breath in different air and see the sun set from a different rooftop or window.  I want to be around faces that don’t recognize me and meet faces that may eventually recognize me.  I want the feeling of stepping off a stuffy airplane only to breathe in everything I don’t understand and recognize.

This incredible wanderlust has taken hold of me but not because I’m running away anymore.



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