It’s that time of year again, fellow Catholics…

Lent. Our favourite religious time period. 

Last year, I managed to give something up and do something.  For the entire Lenten season, I kept track of how much money I spent and when the 40 days was over, I wrote a big ol’ check to the Canadian Cancer Society matching the amount I had spent.  They didn’t know it was for Lent, they just considered it a regular donation.  Although it was a rather random amount, if I remember correctly.  I also managed to give up Facebook for over 40 days so huzzah for that!

This year, I’ll be doing the donation again. Mostly because I know how much I spend and it’s a good way for me to budget a bit while also giving back to a charity I think does good work.  I’m choosing to donate the money to ErinoakKids.  I’ve really come to be passionate about mental health these last few years studying Psychology at school so I want to give back to an organization that helps the mentally ill.

Now this is the hard bit: giving something up.  I contemplated giving up Nutella because I can finish a jar within a week if I really want to.  With the impending lack of money however, I’m going to run out of food real fast over Lent and decided having a jar of Nutella and bread around is smart.  Instead, I did a google search for creative Lenten promises.  I’ve decided to do two things.  One will be giving something up and another will be another little “do something” but, will be more for my own fun and benefit than for Lent.

Firstly, giving up.  Drumroll please… I am officially stating here on this blog for the entire world to see that I am giving up… my snooze button.  If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am the absolute worst at mornings.  I think they’re ridiculous and if I could sleep until 1 every day, I would.  Mornings make me angry.  Alarms make me angry.  Getting up to go to school makes me angry.  Coffee makes me angry because it is associated with mornings.  I hate mornings.  In that spirit, this is going to be a really really difficult one for me.  It feels right though.  I’ve had a sort of bad year in terms of staying true to my faith so I want to do something that will really solidify it again for me.  This seems like the perfect way.  Good luck to me.

The second bit of doing something will be nice.  For the next 40 days, I am going to write a letter every single day.  I’ll put them in a big envelope after they’re written and decide if I want to send them at the end of Lent.  These letters will be to 40 different people, events or things that have impacted my life in a positive way.  They can be friends, family, stuffed animals, places, experiences… the list is literally endless.  Anything that has positively influenced me ever will get a letter.  I’m not going to think ahead to what or who I’m writing to, I’ll just pick something or someone that day.  If they’re people, they’ll also get a special shout out in my prayers that night.  And I will pray every night of Lent.

So, that’s Lent for me.  What are you giving up?


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