All you need is love.

Disclaimer: This is going to be a more serious one, guys. Also a very opinionated piece so please be respectful.  It may also be a little all over the place and incoherent but, I’m in a bit of a tiff and just need to get it all out.  Not much editing has been done here.

As we all know, teen suicide has taken a turn for the worse in the last couple of years.  Today I heard about Jadin Bell, a 15-year old boy who hung himself.  Now we’ve all heard tons of stories in the last few years about kids being bullied to the point that they give up and I feel like I need to make something very clear.

I’m a very faith-oriented individual that has been brought up with a lot of teachings from the Bible and my church.  In an attempt not to shove my beliefs down peoples’ throats though, when I’m encountered with a question of my stance on controversial topics, I tend to say that I would rather not talk about it.  I think it has finally come to a point where I have to though.

Jadin Bell was an openly gay boy.  I’ve been taught through my church that homosexuality itself is not a sin but, acting on homosexuality is.  This is what I have to say now: I believe in love.  I believe that homosexuals are loving.  I believe therefore that they should have the right to love whoever they choose and marry whoever they choose.  If these people weren’t judged and bullied and feared for being different and we embraced all the differences in ourselves, wouldn’t this world be a better place?

Maybe this opinion goes against my church teachings, my faith, my upbringing… but, there’s not much anyone can do about that.  This is what I believe.  I believe that love is a beautiful thing. I believe that it can heal and I believe that it can save and I believe that it can make things better for a person who is struggling.  Our society needs to express more love.  We need to stop hating and hurting others.  Without love, there is no point.  

These teen suicides are spurred by hatred and fear and hurt and I refuse to no longer have an opinion on it.  Let them love who they love.  Let them be happy as they are, with who they are.  Nobody judges us for being heterosexual so what makes us so privileged as to judge them?

I value my right to express my opinions and to be who I want to be.  I am allowed to have these opinions and also have faith.  So let’s all let love happen.


3 thoughts on “All you need is love.

  1. Thanks for a great read, I also posted a blog today about this as well. WHEN WILL IT STOP. it’s so insane that your children are ending their own life’s, we may never comprehend what they are going put through. It’s just not A okay anymore. You don’t read or get media converge about the perpetrators. Make me very sad that the new generation is acting with such hate, and cannot accept different people, options apart from there own thinking. My thought and prays are with Jadin Bell”s family and friends. Words cannot express how I feel. Ivan

  2. Good thoughts here. Thanks for taking the time to express them. I hadn’t heard about this latest suicide. I guess I’ve been wrapped up in my own little world for a while now. It makes me sick to my stomach. I agree with “ivansblogworld” … when will it stop?

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