Enjoying silence.

Have you ever just sat with someone?  No discussion, no movie in the background, no cooking or cleaning or watching YouTube videos or anything?  Just sat with someone.  Enjoyed the silence together.  It doesn’t happen much these days, does it?

There’s a unique sort of comfort in being able to just sit with someone.  Sitting with someone is like letting them observe you in your natural environment.  You are most yourself when you are alone (or so they say).  Allowing someone to sit with you is thus, allowing them to see the real you.

Perhaps you’re sitting on the floor drawing and listening to a new album while they sit on the couch and read.  Or maybe you are doing coursework while they are doing theirs.  There’s nothing to break the silence though.  Eventually a quick exchange might occur but for the most part you’re just sitting.  Enjoying each other’s presence.  

It is almost upsetting to think that we can’t do that nowadays.  There are always phones, computers, and video games distracting us.  There will always be someone who thinks sitting around without talking is awkward.  Yes, there are awkward silences.  There are also beautiful silences.  Silences of which we take for granted because those are the quiet, wonderful moments of our lives.  Insignificant perhaps, but wonderful.



One thought on “Enjoying silence.

  1. Well said and very true. Silence is almost a thing of the past now with the abundance of technology and the “leashes” we carry with us (aka phones). But, important nonetheless and should be a part of all of our lives.

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