A disappointing turn of events

For all those out there that enjoy a good sitcom, you’ll probably recall Friends, Seinfeld or even Frasier.  With television constantly trying to up the ante for these comedies, how can one compare to shows that ran for 10 seasons?  Writers need fresh ideas, fresh jokes, punchlines and above all, great actors that can convey these funny moments across the television screen.  So when a new sitcom hits the channels, it is under incredibly scrutiny.  Has a story like this been written before?  Could these things happen in real life?  Do we giggle, guffaw or succumb to uncontrollable laughter at the punchlines?  All this… and it has to be done in 20 minutes (we’re not counting commercials here, friends).  You’d guess correctly that writing a new sitcom is hard.

CBS started airing Partners this year.  Gaining a following from big Sophia Bush fans (hello! biggest girl crush ever) and probably a fair few from David Krumholtz and Michael Urie, it should be doing fairly well.  Alas, our writers are the ones that produced Will & Grace which leaves a kind of wondering notion as to whether Partners is really a novel, interesting idea for a sitcom or just a repeat of the same old Will & Grace story.  Unfortunately, it seems like people are likening it to the well-received sitcom.  Add that with the fact that it airs right after How I Met Your Mother (which is currently airing it’s 8th season, huzzah!), it doesn’t look great for Partners.  Which means that it is likely to be cancelled after its first season.

*insert a giant disappointed sigh*

With Sophia Bush being my ultimate girl crush and biggest celebrity role model, it saddens me to know that Partners probably won’t make the list of great sitcoms in television history, let alone another season.  After the cancellation of One Tree Hill though (Sophia Bush played dumb cheerleader turned high-profile fashion designer, Brooke Davis), it was heartening to see Sophia on screen again.  Albeit in a completely different role but, still her own beautiful, talented self.  There was a tingle of excitement at the prospect of seeing her dish out more of her perfection on screen.  I am disappointed, to say the least.  Not that she doesn’t give a great performance every week – she does!  Just disappointed with the fact that other people seem not to agree with me.  In fact, I think all the actors in Partners are great so maybe it’s just the writing.  Perhaps it really is too similar to Will & Grace.  Who knows?

So what exactly is the aim of this post, you might ask?  Simple enough: to tell you to GO WATCH PARTNERS!  I know, I know… I’m ridiculous.  I just think the show is super cute and could use some more followers. It could still get renewed if the ratings go up, after all!  So please, watch the show.  Sophia Bush, gay and straight best friend architects, hot gay partner, and On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons as the song for opening credits… You know you want to.  Look at how cute they all are:

CBS 8:30pm EST.



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