You Need Me, I Don’t Need You – Ed Sheeran in The Live Room

I can’t not post this because the whole video just goes to show how amazing this guy is. At the age of 15 he started writing this song and just keeps adding verses. It now runs about 10 minutes long. There is rapping, beat boxing, singing and the use of a loop pedal – which in and of itself is incredibly difficult to grasp the concept of. If you’ve never seen this guy live, I urge you to fly to the UK or wherever he is performing and just SEE HIM. This is close to the version he plays in gigs and it is truly epic. Beyond words – especially when you are there in person. Spend all the money you can to see him, my friends. Get the best seats (not that you’ll be sitting at all during the gig). Get VIP tickets. I haven’t had the chance yet but, MEET HIM if you can. Just watch this, look at how down to earth he is. After performing a 10-minute song he simply says “Cool” and walks out of the studio. Because he is so incredibly normal. Fame hasn’t gotten him and I have high doubts that it ever will. This is a must-watch, people. Seriously.


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